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Performance Psychology

Triplestar enjoys the rare privilege of having on its staff experienced and skilled tutors who can apply performance psychology, peak performance, and mental coaching methods to improve overall student performance in all disciplines and subjects.

Performance psychology concentrates on improving students’ cognitive skills to allow them to perform to their highest ability and prepare them for the demands of training. This is achieved by identifying any self-limiting beliefs or attitudes that they may possess, and developing a more positive mind set. These methods were founded in sports psychology and concentrate specifically on helping performers to break through mental barriers.

Performance psychology as part of training will assist performers in numerous ways. Students will be equipped with the skills to improve their focus and deal with distractions in a positive way, allowing their minds to stay in the present. They will also be taught to develop coping skills, as performers can often have very high and strict expectations, and so emotional control is important to deal with setbacks to stay composed under pressure.

Triplestar College is absolutely dedicated to helping performers identify unhelpful beliefs and attitudes, including comfort zones, negative self-talk, and negative self-labelling, which might hold them back from performing well. These unhelpful mindsets must be identified and replaced with new ways of thinking to ensure that the learner accesses their full potential, unbridled of barriers. Confidence is a core psychological skill of performance, and adequate training can ensure that performers overcome fear and doubt, which in turn enables them to achieve their best potential.

These are just a few examples of how these performance methods will help performers to break through mental barriers, and it is this training that ensures that courses delivered by Triplestar remain some of the most unique and relevant currently available.